Your Ithaca Locksmith Recommends Changing Your Locks

by immithaca

Changing the Locks on Your Home is the First Step in Your Security Program Let’s be honest, life is busy.  With family life, professional life, and financial responsibilities, it is easy to forget to protect the things and people we love and have worked hard to build.   Ithaca Locksmiths and Syracuse Locksmiths are ready and waiting to take one responsibility away from you.  Locksmith and Security CNY is a trustworthy company whose first interest is your peace of mind. The reason to change the locks as the first step in your home is because, unfortunately, thieves are aware when a home is being sold.  The for sale sign may have been out on the front lawn.  Also, with the internet burglars keep an eye on real estate sales.  When a house is sold, they are aware new owners are moving into town.  Their hope is that you are so overwhelmed that you forget to replace the lock. They hope to find your door still has the previous owners’ locks still on the door.  You would not have