Top Five Security Tips from Your Ithaca Locksmith

by immithaca

Travel time is here and many of us are out traveling to various places. Your Ithaca locksmith wants to remind you of five simple tips to keep your home safe while you are away. Keeping your home protected whether you are gone for the day or a week requires homeowners to think ahead. Ithaca Locksmith 5 Home Safety Tips We all know the basic methods to deter burglars from targeting your property. Here are the top 5 tips that locksmith services in Ithaca want to bring to your attention. Keep Mail and Newspapers picked up. Ask a neighbor to pick these up for you, or put a hold on mail and newspaper subscriptions until you return. Lock your home doors, windows, and any potential entrance ways that might be used to access your property. This is probably the one thing that many forget to do completely. Every window needs to be locked. Leaving just one window unsecured is inviting a problem that you truly don t want to come home to. Make sure your security alarm is up to date and operational.